Year-End Offer: 50% Off on All Pre-Packaged Email Lists

Tuesday, 4 December 2018: Accurate List, one of the top email marketing database vendor based out of Irving, Texas announces 50% off on all pre-packaged email lists and mailing lists. The offer is only available for a limited time (December 4, 2018 to December 31, 2018) as part of the Accurate List’s Year-end offers.

The Available Pre-Packaged Email Lists:



No of Records

United States Museum And Aqua List 4000
United States Experiential Marketing List 100
United States Operations Level Prospects 5000
United States Pain Management 2000
United States Coffee shops 1600
South East MI South East MI Physicians List 200
United States Alaas Trade show probable attendees list 3500
Michigan Urgent Care Michigan 400
United States Assisted Living 1200
Michigan Hair and Nail Tattoo 2400
United States Sales Product and Change Management 5000
United States Human Resource 15000
United States Sourcing Procurement and Vendor List 9000
Alaska Alaska Mailing List 500
United States Optometrist 12000
Usa and UK Cannabis Mailing List 10000
United States Salesforce 10000
United States New Car Dealers 3965
United States Used Car Dealers 1000
CT MA and RI States Pardot & Salesforce 400
United States Project Managers From Usa 10000
United States Sunguard Users 2500
United States CIO From Colleges 4000
United States Skin Care 9500
United States Super Markets and Shopping Malls 21000
United States Pharma and Drug Stores 19000
United States Consumer List 20000
United States Home Schooling 1600
United States Commercial and Residential Property 1500
United States Pharmacy Technicians list 22000
Florida Florida Healthcare Presidents list 2300
Canada Canada Construction Mailing List 10000
United States Market Research List 1600
South California Spectator Sports 900
United States Elementary Schools Principals list 3800
United States Sweets and Snacks 12000
United States Property and Casualty Insurance CIO 1000
United States Sleep Medicine 6000
United States Executive Coaches 12000
United States CEO and CFO list 34000
California California Agri Retailes List 1000
Worldwide Oil and Gas 5000
United States K12 and Other Industries 7500
United States Dentist Mailing List 59000
United States Fast Food Restaurants 1600
United States Schools and Colleges Coaches List 6000
United States Engineers in Manufacturing Industry 30000
United States HR List 135000
Ohio Ohio IT Companies List 700
OR & WA Anesthesia-OR & WA 750
United States Sap Users List 5000
Delaware Delaware Psychiatrists list 70
United States Marketing Directors list 25000
United States Marketing Managers list 34000
United States Chief and VP of Marketing 10000
United States Learning Job Titles 4200
United States General Counsel 12000
United States Legal Titles list 4000
United States Vmware list 6500
United States Learning and Training 5000
United States Psychiatrist List 2300
United States World AG Probable Attendees List 85000
United States Physician Assistant List 11000
United States Nurse Practitioners list 20000
Australia Accounting Firms 3500
United States Book Keepers List 5500
United Kingdom Uk All Industry 3500
United States HR Directors 2600
United States Holistic Healers 1100
United States Talent Management & Talent Acquistion 15000
United States Audiology And Pathology 14000
United States Chiropractors list 16000
United States Physicians Speciality Mailing List 60000
United States Telemedicine 300
United States All Industries Usa 54000
United States Small Business Owners 7000
United States Neuro science 18000
Non Usa Neuro science 7500
United States Pharmaceutical Research 5400
Worldwide Nordic Users list 2000
United States Casino List 2000
United States Vehicle Finance List 8000
Western Europe Western Europe list 5000
United States Independent Restaurants 3000
United States Country clubs 3000
United States Caterers 2500
Canada Canada G Suite Users 3400
United States Fitness Mailing list 16000
Worldwide Medical supply List 23000
United States Acute Care 1000
United States Health Management 1100
United States Music Industry list 1600
United States Church Worship & Buyers lsit 1300
United States United Churches List 10000
WI & IL WI & IL Oral Surgeons 600
United States Truck Manufacturing 8000
United States Industrial Real Estate Brokers and Investors 5000
Houston TX Houston TX Salesforce 500
United States Test and Measurement Equipments 2300
United States Credit Unions list 3500
United States Yoga 3000
United States Tattoo 590
United States Gun Stores 1500
United States Alcohol Stores 5000
United States Tobacco 1000
United States Buyers Mailing list 18000
United States Purchasing Mailing list 15000
United States Procurement Mailing list 14000
United States Attorneys List 45000
Asia Plastic and Rubber 2600
United States Jewelry Stores 1000
New Jersey & Pennsylvania New Jersey & Pennsylvania Salesforce 1000
United States Eating Places 2000
United States Sleep Medicine 900
United States Coaches List 6000
Singapore HR List 6000
United States IBM DB 2 Users List 1500
United States Home Healthcare Agencies 4200
Europe supermarkets Europe 2300
United States Neurologists and Neuro Science 13000
IL and IN IL and IN Associations 300
India Only Emails All industry Database 43000
United States Rail and Terminal Contacts 800
United States Hotels and Casino 1700
United States Physical Therapists 9500
Texas Texas All Industries 6000
United Kingdom Automotive Delears 1400
United States Pharma and Biotech 5000
United States Clinical Research 1000
UK Interventional Radiologists 200
UK Interventional Cardiologists 300
United States Interventional Cardiology, Radiology(USA) 300
United States Hospitality, Souvenir & Gift Retail 26000
United States Interior Design 3000
Asia Hematologists-Asia and Arab Countries 900
United States Ice Cream Cheese and Cholocate 9200
All Countries Exept United States Music promoters 2000
United States Urology 2400
United States Otolaryngology 400
United States Psychiatrist 4300
United States Usa Photographers 5500
United States Theme parks and Museums and Aquariums 3000
Germany Bakers 1500
Mexico Bakers 300
Spain Bakers 1400
United Kingdom Bakers 1600
United States Orthopedics 3600
Worldwide Exept Usa International plastic surgeons 6450
UK General Practitioners 3000
Romania Healthcare 1000
Australia General Practitioners 2400
United States Neurologists 7000
United States Atlassian Jira Users 340
United States Disc Golf shops 2000
Europe Hospitality Europe 1000
United States Sugar CRM 700
United States MS Dynamics 10000
United States Peoplesoft 13000
United States JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 10000
United States Radiologists and sonographers 8000
United States Infor SyteLine 700
United States Debt Collections 11000
Mexico Mexico Teachers 250
United States Anesthesia 9000
United States Bariatry 1900
United States Hospital Central Supply Professionals 1000
United States Blood Bank directors 3000
United States Food Services Directors in Healthcare 1800
United States Pharmacy Director 3000
United States Laboratory Directorys 3500

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How to Build Email List for Your Successful Email Campaigns ?

How to Build Email List for Your Successful Email Campaigns ?

While email marketing has been losing some field to social network and everything that comes with it, it’s still a pretty useful tool to reach a wider audience and to get very significant results. Therefore, you shouldn’t slack in this particular aspect and try to improve your website in this regard.

Building a proper email list is something that you should always do if you want to have a successful email marketing campaign; there’s no way around it. We are going to give you a couple of helpful advices to create a great list, so you can be able to reach to a wider and more significant audience:

  • Subscribing Option on Your Website

The option to subscribe must be quite visible in your website to make things easier for your audience; this is a great way to gain much more people in your email list without doing too much. Also, this is another great benefit of keeping a high amount of traffic in your website.

  • Have a Contest

If you are promoting a product or a service, have a go at a contest to gain people’s interest and that way you can use the email subscriptions as a tool for the interested to participate. This is a smart tactic because it allows you to reach to far more people and gain subscribers at a quick pace.

  • Run a Blog to Promote

A blog is a fantastic opportunity to promote your own website, what you offer and your email marketing campaign in a much more free-flowing and friendly manner, so this is something worth taking into consideration. You could also add a plug for people to subscribe to your email list, that way killing two birds with one stone.

  • Use Social Media

You cannot always be subtle about it and it is best if you just go through it. Use social media as a way to engage people to follow you on your email and to add them to your list. Social media is the best publicity platform nowadays and you should it as much as you can to improve your brand in every possible way.

  • Get Your Target Audience from Reputed List Vendors

If you’re a startup and can’t wait for months to collect opt-in email list, you can check with some of the reputed list vendors like Experian, Hoovers, and Accurate List. This is a great way to expand your reach to your target audience. As most of the companies fail to provide the accurate email list, you need to check their accuracy rate, deliverability, open rate, and bounce rate before get their list.

  • Don’t Forget about Word of Mouth

Yes, it’s a very school advice, but it’s one you should never forget about. Talk to people about what you offer on your email and make sure they get interested in what you have to say and to do; this is another great way to reach to more people and to establish yourself as a reference in your own field.

And the most important advice: go for it! The only way your email list is going to improve is if you try and find ways to reach to more people. This is the key behind every brand’s growth. Never forget, never give up.

How to Boost Revenue with an Email Automation Funnel ?

How to Boost Revenue with an Email Automation Funnel ?

By this point, you must have heard about email marketing automation. Some people may see this as the “trendy word” at the moment, while others may be taking this seriously, now, what is this and why it is important?

Email marketing automation makes reference to a piece of software that allows to automate marketing and selling actions or processes. The scope of the actions may vary, from welcoming your new subscribers to segmenting the potential clients that have gone adrift. Usually, the limits you can reach will depend on the nature of your brand and your creativity.

What it is true is that the automation of email marketing makes the repetitive tasks in marketing and selling, to be done with a less effort.

According to VB insight, one statement marketers agree on is that the biggest Benefit of automation is that it saves a lot of time. Other benefits include a higher participation of clients (68%), proper communications (58%) and bigger opportunities such as additional sales (58%).


  • Follow up on actions.
  • Focus on abandoned carts.
  • Recover inactive clients.
  • Welcome new subscribers.
  • To segment your audience.
  • Focus on different segments.
  • Send reminders.
  • Create offers based on actions.
  • Suggest products based on actions.
  • Avoid mistakes when doing follow up.
  • Request feedback.
  • Winning more subscribers.


To be able to apply this conversion funnel, let’s divide the process into 4 cycles:


The first step in the client’s cycle of life is discovery. At this point, the potential client will have heard about your brand, but they’ll probably won’t fully understand your product or service just yet. In this case, the key is in trying to attract the new visitors of your website through a newsletter or email strategy, encouraging them to subscribe and receive tips, offer or some special gift (such as a blank book, a guide, etc.)

Once you have their email addresses, it’s time to break the ice and bring that new user closer to your product or service, so they can start evaluating if that is the answer to their needs.

The welcome email can be a punctual message or it can be a series of different messages that are sent within a few days between one and the other. For example, you could send a welcome email with the offer or gift you had promised to your users in Exchange of their emails first, and then send a tutorial that teaches your new contacts the great things about your product or service.

A third email could include testimonies and content generated by the user, encouraging new clients to tell their friends about you, with a discount especially design for them.


If your users keep in touch with you after a certain amount of time, it’s time to send them emails for them to improve their knowledge and comprehension when it comes to your product or service. You can include, for example, case studies, blog articles, guides, etc.

The frequency of the emails will depend on the nature of your contact list, and sometimes you’ll need to do trials alternating the days and hours you send your emails, to make sure you’re getting the best interaction. For some people, a couple of emails during the week may work perfectly, but for others, the key might be in sending one newsletter every two weeks.

Something we must remember is, that even if the user has the intention to purchase or not, the evaluation process is constant. Each and every one of the contact you make with your clients will give them information about you, and this is why it is crucial to take care of the little details. During this phase, is especially important to work in making this relationship with the client stronger. Personalized emails, carefully programmed are details more and more appreciated each time by the consumers.


If you appreciate an increase in the number of clicks on the links of your emails, or a bigger interaction in certain pages of your web, you’ll know your contacts are in that exact point of taking the step to conversion (as long as you’re doing your follow-ups properly).

This is the perfect time to send them emails that give them the extra push they need. Whether it is exclusive discounts, recommendations based on recent searches, etc. There are lots of possibilities.


Your potential customer has finally become a real client. This is where the retention phase starts, where the goal is for that client to become loyal to your brand and recommend you to their friends.

The first step is a “Thank you” email, that gives the client the opportunity to share their opinion and evaluate your services. Next, once a little while has gone by, you can encourage your users to share content generated by them, such as pictures or quotes, that will help you reach new clients.

Retaining the users is a crucial part of email marketing, and of the sales funnel of every company as well. The purchase cannot be the end of the relationship, because most likely your client or someone around them will need your product or service later on.

Besides, in this phase you can segment your mailing even better, to make your contacts receive campaigns based not only on the interactions and properties of the contact, but also on their relationship with you, and adjusted to previous purchases.

Mailing is a trustworthy tool when it comes to conducting clients through the sales funnel to reinforce the relationship with the users, no matter in which phase of the cycle you’re at. Resources and tools that allows automation, segmentation and personalization will give us the chance to stand out in the user’s inbox, to make sure that our emails are unique and unforgettable.

3 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Changing Email Marketing

3 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Changing Email Marketing

Email marketing is an art form instilled with an ability to propel an organization to success in the most astounding of ways. Artificial Intelligence (AI) integrates with the idea of email marketing in order to develop an ultimate solution to all the publicizing needs of the marketers. It is essential for a marketer who dreams of succeeding in the ever-evolving world of technology to acquire a substantial knowledge of AI-empowered email marketing.

Here are the three ways AI is changing the future of email marketing:

  1. The Significance of Data Integration

Artificial intelligence feeds off data and more the data available greater the efficiency of the system. For the companies that dream of transitioning on to the AI-empowered email marketing systems tomorrow needs to take the initiative today and it all starts with the collection, management, and organization of data. AI has the tendency to recognize the needs and requirements of the customer in an effective & efficient way. The majority of the companies aren’t lacking when it comes to the collection of data but the data available at their disposal is rather disconnected & disorganized. The first and the foremost step required to step into the world of AI-empowered email marketing is the proper management and integration of data.

  1. Moderation is Key to Email Marketing Success

AI is an ingenious solution to all the email marketing needs of the marketers though it is recommended that a marketer should never get carried away with it. It is essential to use these technological advancements in a moderate manner and effective way. Without understanding the interests of the consumers, the efficiency of the AI system may suffer and a marketer would fail in quest of achieving the most fruitful results of email marketing. It is pivotal for a marketer to know when and how to use email marketing and moderation is usually the ideal way to go about it. The key is to be moderate & patient with your tactics and focus on the interests of the consumers the most.

  1. Make the most of AI-type Email Marketing Features

AI is the technology of tomorrow though there still exist some features which share a strong resemblance to AI in today’s marketing world. Features such as send-time optimization and language algorithm are available for marketers today and these features can certainly rejuvenate life back into the company’s marketing strategies. The correct use of these features can not only increase the productivity of your company today but will also prepare you to make the most of the AI in the forthcoming future.

Artificial intelligence will certainly revolutionize the entire concept of email marketing and even though it uses the science of tomorrow the basic strategy of marketing remains unchanged. The primary objective of marketing had always been to be humane as possible and to give the needs of the consumers the utmost importance. AI only extends the basic marketing strategy with the sole purpose of enhancing the overall productivity.